Regional D Plus Points 2010

Regional D Plus Points System 2010

Below is an extract from the Competition Handbook for 2010. This will briefly explain how the Promotional Offers work at Regional D.

However I strongly recommend you read the whole handbook to understand fully how the system works.

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4.4 Promotion and Relegation Regional D and above
All points will be awarded on the results at the end of the first two rounds and a performer must complete both of the first two routines in order to receive a promotion offer.

Promotion Offers are only valid for the performer’s next competition. If a performer competes again at the same level the promotion offer is invalid.

No relegation points (cautions) will be awarded if the group is smaller than 12 competitors with the caveat outlined in 4.4.2 below. Anyone who has been granted immunity from relegation will still be ‘awarded’ a caution but will not be relegated.

4.4.1 Promotion Offer

From Regional D to FIG A there is a rolling promotion / relegation system. N.B. it is not possible to gain promotion from FIG A or U15 FIG B. If a performer from U13 National C or U17 National C wishes to move to FIG B they need to compete in the U15 and U19 groups respectively.
With the above exceptions a promotion offer will be issued to anyone who achieves • Either a minimum score and finishes in the top 20% of the group • Or who gains an enhanced score, see Table in Section 4.5. If you compete again at the same Level the promotion offer is withdrawn.

4.4.2 Relegation

• There is no relegation from Regional D.
• From FIG A to National C a relegation point (caution) will be issued to anyone who finishes in the bottom 20% of a group larger than 12, also see below. This also includes any of the U13 and U17 performers in the U15 and U19 groups.
• Any performer who does not complete both of the first two routines, regardless of group size will be issued with a caution.
• If you finish out of the relegation zone in your next gala or you have been granted immunity, see 4.4.3, your points are reset to zero.
• Two consecutive cautions will result in relegation. You will start the lower Level on zero (0) points.

4.4.3 Immunity

• Any performer in FIG A or FIG B who finished in the top 8 at the 2009 National Finals is immune from relegation for 2010 at that Level. They still need to qualify for National Finals.
• Any performer who qualifies for National Finals is immune from relegation from that Level for 2010.
• A performer will lose this immunity if they change Levels.

4.4.4 Regional D

• Any performer who has +2 promotion points as of 31.12.2009 will be issued with a promotion offer. If they compete again at Regional D after the January 2010 Regional competition their points will be reset to zero.
• All Regional D performers, with the exception of the above, will start 2010 on zero points.
• Any National C performer who has been relegated to Regional D will also start on zero points.

4.5 Promotion and Relegation Scores

Below is London’s current tally of Points
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